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Post  jbtr on Fri Feb 08, 2008 10:33 am

[size=12][b][color:8c4c=orange][u]Server info :[/u][/color][/b] [/size]

[color:8c4c=orange][b][u]Hardware [/u][/b]
[/color][b]Quadcore Xeon [/b]
[b]8Gibabyte ECC registered RAM[/b]
[b]100 Mbps Internet Line[/b]

[color:8c4c=silver][b][color:8c4c=silver]Client[/color][/b] : Chaotic Throne : The first Throne ( THE KAMAEL )
[/color][b]Rate[/b]: 50xEXP 50xSP 260xAdena

[b]Ultimate buffer[/b]: Collection of buffs , dances , songs , chants.

[b]GM shop[/b]:
Weapon D to s80 grade
Armor D to S grade
Jewel D to s80 grade
Scroll of enchant weapon/armor D to S grade
Interlude weapons & accessories
Dynasty s80 Armors and Weapons
Subclass ,Noblesse , Clan quest items
Soulshot/Spiritshot/Blessed Spiritshot D to S grade
All kind of scrolls/pots
Exchange (adena to AA and vice versa) , (adena to gold and vice versa)

[b]Safe enchant[/b]: +5
[b]Full Body Armor safe enchant[/b] +6
[b]Enchant success rate[/b]: 60-65 %

[b]Other features[/b]:
Champion Mobs and medal trader.
Profession change NPC
All mobs drop both Adena and Ancient Adena
Grand Olympiad.
Castle sieges.
Fortress sieges.

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